Our Company

SHP Acquisitions, LLC (“SHP”) is a Cumberland, Maine & Wilmington, North Carolina based real estate investment firm that specializes in the subsidized housing industry.

Over the past 20 years, SHP has grown its portfolio of subsidized housing rental units to over 6,000 apartments. This growth came via SHP’s strategy of focused real estate acquisition. Although these apartments are spread throughout the United States, SHP has a significant concentration in the Northeast.

SHP continues to successfully and consistently combine Experience, Creativity and Integrity to achieve success and growth. SHP is committed to growing its asset base both in its current market areas and in new areas of opportunity.

In addition to acquiring real estate properties, SHP also purchases limited partnership interests via our LP Acquisition Program. SHP introduced this LP Acquisition Program several years ago to provide limited partners with an avenue to divest of these previously illiquid investments. To date, SHP has purchased limited partnership interests / shares in over 5,000 apartments.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the subsidized housing industry, the principals of SHP are able to quickly and uniquely identify investment opportunities.

Working both as a team and utilizing their network of industry contacts, SHP consistently works to find creative solutions to any obstacles encountered in the acquisition process.

With the combination of the above mentioned experience and creativity, combined with individual and collective integrity, SHP is able to quickly and efficiently move from investment identification to closing.